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Agenda:January 8, 2024

This is an open meeting of the Standing Committee of the White Potato Lake District Commissioners. 


Notice of this meeting was given to the public at least 24 hours prior to the meeting, by forwarding the complete agenda to the town of Brazeau and by posting to public bulletin boards at the town of Brazeau town hall and Rescue building and the WPL sanitary building on Walkers Bay rd. Copies of the complete agenda are available for inspection at the Town of Brazeau Town Hall or the Lake District website: 


1.     Call to Order 

2.     Pledge of Allegiance 

3.     Roll Call 

4.      Agenda Approval 

5.     Review Minutes from Sept 2, 2023 Membership Meeting (must be approved at 2024 annual   meeting) 

6.     Minutes of November 6, 2023 

7.     Treasurer’s Report  

8.     Public Comments  

9.     Discussion Items 

A. Oconto County Lake Management Plan 

B. 2024 Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) Management 

10.  Action Items 

A. Insurance – General Lability Insurance Quotes and Comparisons for the White Potato Lake District 

B. Town of Brazeau, Sanitary District and Oconto County Tax Levy Waiver Option 

C. Oconto County Lakes and Water (OCLAWA) Membership Payout Approval 

D. Stevens Point Wisconsin Association of Lakes Convention - Attendees 

11. Committee Reports with possible action 

A.  Communications Committee Recommendations and Action on Budget Expenditure 

     1. Newsletter Content 

      2. Town of Brazeau Website - Lake District Information 

B. Grant Status – Aquatic Plant Management (APM) 

C. Committee Status and Members 

12.   Items for Next Agenda 

13.   Next Meeting  

14.   Adjournment 


MW-Date Posted 1/5/24 

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